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Unformatted text preview: may operate on the same trait at the` same ,me •  Goldenrod gall fly (Eurosta solidaginis) •  Developing galls suscep,ble to parasitoids –  –  –  –  Overwintering galls suscep,ble to bird predators Fly genotype has a significant effect on gall size Wide galls were more parasitoid resistant (thick walls) Narrow galls were less likely to be preyed on by birds Parasitoids exerted stronger selec,on than birds Opposing selec,on pressures created stabilizing selec,on but net effect was direc,onal in favor of wide galls E. Solidaginis gall in the goldenrod Solidago al3ssima Weis, A.E., Abrahamson, W.G., and Anderson, M.C. 1992 Evolution 46: 1674-1697 i= directional selection j= stabilizing (variance) selection (A) and (B) could represent differentiated subpop...
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