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Unformatted text preview: usually predy good for 5- 10 genera/ons •  The validity for an ini/al h2 predic/ng response over several genera/ons depends on: •  The reliability of the ini/al h2 es/mate •  Absence of environmental change between genera/ons •  The absence of gene/c change between the genera/on in which h2 was es/mated and the genera/on in which selec/on is applied nitro.biosci.arizona.edu/zdownload/talks/ 2003/.../Lecture5.ppt •  Mul/ple genera/ons of response –  Cumula/ve selec/on response; t R(c)t = Σ R(i) i=1 nitro.biosci.arizona.edu/zdownload/talks/ 2003/.../Lecture5.ppt cumula/ve selec/on differen/al t •  S(c)t = Σ S(i) i=1 •  Ra/o es/mator for cumula/ve realized heritability: •  =total response/total differen/al •  h2r = R(c)t/S(c)t •  (there are other methods but we won’t worry about these) nitro.biosci.arizona.edu/zdownload/talks/ 2003/.../Lecture5.ppt example quan/ta/ve trait locus (QTL) mapping •  most traits of interest in nature are quan/ta/ve traits –  con/nuous varia/on in popula/on –  determined by varia/on in several or many genes –  “polygenic” •  how do we deter...
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