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Gene acon addive dominant epistac gene interacons

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Unformatted text preview: mine the “architecture” of varia/on in these traits –  # of genes affec/ng trait –  sizes and types of effects –  where the genes are in the genome –  what are the genes at the molecular level? Defining the gene*c basis of adapta*on •  Quan/ta/ve trait loci (QTLs) –  Gene/c- sta/s/cal construct, defined by an interval between two gene/c markers and a magnitude of effect (% of variance accounted for) •  Determined in a backcross or F2 popula/ons from a cross between divergent strains or species –  Molecular markers covering the en/re genome are monitored QTLs and gene*c architecture of a trait difference •  # of QTLs detected •  Magnitudes of each QTL (% of parental difference accounted for) •  Mode of gene ac/on –  Addi/ve, dominant, epista/c (gene interac/ons) •  Posi/ons of each QTL –  Near any candidate genes? Why study the gene*cs/molecular basis of quan*ta*ve trait evolu*on? •  To determine whether number of genes, their modes of ac/on, and the sizes of their effects conform to various evolu/onary models –  e.g....
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