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When the surroundings become temporarily anoxic

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Unformatted text preview: salinity limits for haloarchaea, the waters turn a reddish purple colour due to massive growth (The red coloraCon is due to carotenoids and other pigments). ­༊ A?er a “bloom”, oxygen will decrease to an extremely low level in haloarchaea’s habitat and there will be a concomitant reducCon in respiraCon as oxygen is not very soluble in concentrated salt soluCons. ­༊ Under condiCons of low oxygen and high light intensity, most haloarchaea synthesize Bacteriorhodopsin . With the inserCon of bacteriorhodopsin into the membrane , the colour of saltern will turn purple. 1) ReCnal is protonated before the reCnal absorbs light. 2) AbsorpCon of a photon by Bacteriorhodopsin iniCates a catalyCc cycle. When the surroundings become temporarily anoxic, haloarch...
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