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when activated the protein kinase phosphorylates

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Unformatted text preview: cells. In glucose ­dependent /ssues, glucose transport is NOT insulin dependent. • It func;ons to promote growth and fuel storage a`er a meal. • It s;mulates glycogen synthesis, faZy acid synthesis, amino acid uptake and protein synthesis. 2 20/05/13 Receptor Tyrosine Kinases These receptors have a protein kinase enzyme activity associated with the cytoplasmic domains, and an extracellular ligand-binding (hormone-binding) domain." " When activated, the protein kinase phosphorylates itself and then particular amino acid side chains (normally tyrosines) in susceptible cytoplasmic proteins, initiating a response." " The activated receptors are always dimers with a single transmembrane domain in each subunit, but vary in other structural properties. " The Activated Receptors are Dimers Intracellular domains have tyrosine kinase activity and cross phosphorylate each other (Tyr --> Tyr-P), activating the receptor and initiating further signalling. Some recept...
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