BIOC2101 Hormonal Control(1)

Fazy acids fazy acids triacylglycerols

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Unformatted text preview: in the liver and and triacylglyeride breakdown from adipose ;ssue. 4 20/05/13 Effects of Glucagon SKELETAL MUSCLE LIVER Glycogen  ­ + Glucose  ­ FaZy acids + Glucose Amino acids FaZy acids No effect Glucagon has no effect on muscle glycogen. FaZy acids + Triacylglycerols Glucagon •  In the LIVER glucagon promotes glycogen breakdown and gluconeogenesis, leading to an increase in blood [glucose]. •  The glucagon receptor is a G ­protein coupled receptor and signal transduc;on uses cAMP as the secondary messenger. ADIPOSE TISSUE Glucagon •  In the ADIPOSE TISSUE glucagon promotes triacylglycerol breakbown (via hormone ­ sensi;ve lipase), leading to an increase in blood [faZy acids]. FaZy acids FaZy acids + Triacylglycerols ADIPOSE TIS...
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