BIOC2101 Hormonal Control(1)

This is the inial step in signal transducon for 7tm

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Unformatted text preview: tors •  Interact with heterotrimeric G proteins. •  Ligand ­bound receptors interact to catalyse the exchange of GTP for GDP. •  This is the ini;al step in signal transduc;on for 7TM receptors. •  •  •  •  Contain seven transmembrane α helices Also known as G protein coupled receptors Largest class of cell ­surface receptors Binding of the ligand induces a conforma;onal change cAMP •  Rate of cAMP produc;on enhanced due to the ligand binding the receptor. •  Further amplifica;on of the signal as adenylate cyclase can convert many molecules ATP to cAMP. •  Many effects of cAMP in eukaryo;c cells are mediated by the ac;va;on of a single protein kinase A. •  Means exist for the signal to be terminated. 1 20/05/13 Overview Glucose Transporters This lecture focuses on the r...
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