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Beast beauty is ostracizedshunned by society because

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Unformatted text preview: w he thinks, acts, and behaves and ► Example: Belle is smart, kind, Example Belle compassionate, open-minded compassionate, Aspects of A Character Aspects of A Character ► sociological- where a character actually fits where into society into ► Example: Beast from Beauty and the Beast Example Beast Beauty is ostracized/shunned by society because of his looks Aspects of A Character Aspects of A Character ► PROTAGONIST- Central character in a work of literature (not necessarily a hero or “good guy”) ► Example: Simba ► ANTAGONIST- Character protagonist protagonist ► Example: Scar who opposes the Levels of Understanding Levels of Understanding ► literal level- what the story is about- the plot line/surface level line/surface ► interpretative level- the author’s message(s) and understanding ► applied level- how do those messages apply to your own personal life and to our society Tone and Atmosphere Tone and Atmosphere ► Tone- the author’s attitude toward his subject subject ► Atmosphere- mood ► Example: scary, happy, sad, etc. scary, World Views World Views ► How the author feels toward life and How existence ► Romantic- positive; good, capable of change, happy endings, etc (Disney) change, World Views World Views ► Realistic- no emotions, facts only, no “good” or “bad” (Newspaper) “good” ► Naturalistic- negative, people are not good; man is trapped in a mechanized society and can’t help himself can’t Epiphany Epiphany ►a sudden understanding of sudden something you didn’t understand before (AHA! Moment) before...
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