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Unformatted text preview: nator Example Aliens; ► Character Types Character Types static- Character’s personality does not change throughout the story story Example: Throughout the movie, Example Finding Nemo, Nemo remains courageous Finding Nemo and adventurous. and Character Types Character Types dynamic- Character undergoes a change in attitude or personality change Example: In Finding Nemo, Marlin Marlin Example Finding (Nemo’s dad) changes as he learns to not let fear control his life. let Character Types Character Types ►stereotype- the character represents an entire group of people people ► Example: The show/movie Clueless has Clueless Example the “ditzy blonde” stereotype. Characterization Characterization ► the way the author presents the character to the the reader the ► direct-the author states in the text what the -the character is like ► Example: Henry is not intelligent. Characterization Characterization ► indirect- the character states what he or the she is feeling ► Example: “Boy, Henry you’re not too smart.” ► inferred- the reader has to arrive at the the conclusion by interpreting the character’s actions ► Example: Henry forgot to do his homework Henry every day. Aspects of A Character Aspects of A Character physical- characteristics such as height, weight, hair, and eye color weight, Example: Belle from Beauty and the Beast Belle Beauty has brown hair, thin, dainty-like has ► psychological-what is going on in the -what character’s mind and ho...
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