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Unformatted text preview: : The beginning of Beauty and the Example ► Beast starts with a hand opening a book and Beast stating, “Once upon a time…” stating, ► Limited Omniscient- narrator tells most of Limited the story Types of Conflict Types of Conflict ► Internal- a person is in conflict within person himself (character vs. self) himself ► Example: Simba’s inner struggle to get over Simba’s his guilt and decide whether or not to face his past by returning to the pride. his Types of Conflict Types of Conflict ► External- conflict arises from the outside character vs. character- conflict between two characters between ► Example: Simba versus Scar ► character vs. nature- conflict between character and nature character ► Example: Survivor; The Amazing Race Example Survivor; ► Types of Conflict Types of Conflict character vs. society- conflict between character and society character ► Example: In Beauty and the Beast, the Example In Beauty the Beast struggles to fit into society despite his looks. ► character vs. supernatural- conflict between ghosts, etc ► Example: Aliens; Termi...
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