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Things example you eat like a pig metaphor a

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Unformatted text preview: terary devices used by an author ► similesimile- A comparison between two unlike things using “like” or “as.” things ► Example: You eat like a pig. ► metaphor- A comparison between two metaphor- unlike things without using like or as. without ► Example: You’re such a pig. Figures of Speech Figures of Speech ► imagery- language that appeals to the five senses-taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing senses-taste, ► Example: mouth-watering chocolate; slick Example and glistening streets Figures of Speech Figures of Speech ► irony- A contrast between what is stated irony- and what is really meant, or between what is expected to happen and what actually happens happens ► Example: Calling a 6’6’’ guy “shorty” / Example Calling A guy gives up drinking, then he’s killed guy when a beer truck hits him. when Theme Theme ►the message or messages the the author is trying to show the reader reader Point of View Point of View ►the position from which the story is told the to the reader to ►First person- the narrator is a character in the story in ►Innocent eye- 1st person- when the narrator is a child in the story narrator ►Example: The Wonder Years; A Christmas Story; Malcolm in the Middle Point of View Point of View Third person- the narrator is outside the Third story story ► Omniscient- all knowing; the narrator is Omniscient all outside the story and tells the reader everything everything ► Example...
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