Law and Ethics Syllabus S14

Special needs if you need accommodation based upon a

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Unformatted text preview: l Needs If you need accommodation based upon a disability under the terms of the Americans Office Hours *Note: Te best way to contact me, other than in person, is via email at MMC 4200: Mass Communication Law and Ethics Grading PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DEVIATES FROM THE UNIVERSITY’S SUGGESTED GRADING SCALE. GRADE DISPUTES WILL BE BASED ON THIS SCALE, NOT FIU’S SUGGESTED SCALE. Midterm exam (200 points) and Final exam (300 points) -- Te fnal is comprehensive to the extent that you will be responsible for the material tested on the midterm. 8 Reading Assurance Tests (I will count 7 at 100 points each) the team. I’ll count your SEVEN best scores. BRING YOUR CLICKER -- NO EXCUSES. 4 exercises (3 TEAMS at 100 points + 1 optional INDIVIDUAL fnal bonus at 50 points) Team evaluations (3 at 50 points each) -- - - Bonus points on 5 attendance days (10 points each) -coming in late. THESE ARE EXTRA POINTS THAT DO NOT COUNT AGAINST YOU, SO NO MAKEUPS OR “EXCUSED ABSENCES.” PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT ASK. THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL EXTRA CREDIT FOR OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES. A fnal note on grading: You also will receive communications in the email account the university uses in your registration profle. I have no way to substitute third-party addresses. IMPORTANT NOTE ON THE GRAMMAR EXAM OR EXAM REVIEW SESSIONS Scheduling to take the grammar exam or review during this class period is NOT an excused a...
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