Brain development does not stop when we reach

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Unformatted text preview: ldren, like adults, aYempt to fit into a group by conforming. Peers are influential in such areas as learning to cooperate with others, gaining popularity, and developing interactions. Variation Across Culture Kevin R. Morris/Corbis Ole Graf/ zefa/ Corbis 51 Humans have the ability to evolve culture. Culture is composed of behaviors, ideas, aYitudes, values and traditions shared by a group. 52 Variation Over Time Cultures differ. Each culture develops norms – rules for accepted and expected behavior. Men holding hands in Saudi Arabia is the norm (closer personal space), but not in American culture. Cultures change over time. The rate of this change may be extremely fast. In many Western countries, culture has rapidly changed over the past 40 years or so. Jason Reed/ Reuters/Corbis This change cannot be aYributed to changes in the human gene pool because genes evolve very slowly. 53 54 9 Culture and the Self Culture and the Self If a culture nurtures an individual’s personal identity, it is said to be individualist, but if a group identity is favored then the culture is described as collectivist. Kyodo News A collectivist support system can benefit groups who experience disasters such as the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. 55 Culture and Child- Rearing 56 Culture and Child- Rearing Individualist cultures (European) raise their children as independent individuals whereas collectivist cultures (Asian) raise their children as interdependent. Asian- African Cultures Responsible for your self Responsible to group Follow your conscience Priority to obedience Discover your gifts Jose Luis Palaez, Inc./ Corbis Westernized Cultures Be true to family- self Be true to yourself Be loyal to your group Be independent Be interdependent 57 Developmental Similarities Across Groups 58 Gender Development Despite diverse cultural backgrounds, humans are more similar than different in many ways...
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