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Unformatted text preview: ost psychological traits are liable to change with environmental experience. Not necessarily. Individual differences in weight and height are heritable and yet nutritional influences have made westerners heavier and taller than their ancestors were a century ago. Genes provide choices for the organism to change its form or traits when environmental variables change. Therefore, genes are pliable or self- regulating. 29 30 5 Gene- Environment Interaction Videos and Discussion Genes can influence traits which affect responses, and environment can affect gene activity. A genetic predisposition that makes a child restless and hyperactive evokes an angry response from his parents. A stressful environment can trigger genes to manufacture neurotransmiYers leading to depression. 31 32 The New Frontier: Molecular Genetics Gene- Environment Interaction Genes and environment affect our traits individually, but more important are their interactive effects. Alessia Pierdomenico/Reuters/Corbis Rex Features People respond differently to Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) than Orlando Bloom. 33 Molecular Genetics: Promises and Perils Molecular genetics is a branch extension of behavior genetics that asks the question, “Do genes influence behavior?” 34 Evolutionary Psychology: Understanding Human Nature Molecular geneticists are trying to identify genes that put people at risk for disorders. With this kind of knowledge, parents can decide to abort pregnancies in which the fetus is suspected of having such disorders. However, this opens up a real concern regarding ethical issues involving such choices. 35 Molecular genetics studies why we as organisms are distinct. Evolutionary psychology studies why we as humans are alike. In particular, it studies the evolution of behavior and mind using principles of natural selection. 36 6 Natural Selection Artificial Selection 37 Human Traits Biologists like Belyaev and Trut (...
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