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In particular it studies the evolution of behavior

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Unformatted text preview: 1999) were able to artificially rear and domesticate wild foxes, selecting them for friendly traits. L.N. Trur, American Scientist (1999) 87: 160- 169 Natural selection is an evolutionary process through which adaptive traits are passed on to ongoing generations because these traits help animals survive and reproduce. Any trait that is favored naturally or artificially spreads to future generations. 38 Human Sexuality A number of human traits have been identified as a result of pressures afforded by natural selection. Why do infants fear strangers when they become mobile? Gender Differences in Sexuality Males and females, to a large extent, behave and think similarly. Differences in sexes arise in regards to reproductive behaviors. Question (summarized) Male Female Why do people fear spiders and snakes and not electricity and guns? Casual sex 60% 35% Sex for affection 25% 48% Think about sex everyday Why are most parents so passionately devoted to their children? 54% 19% 39 Mating Preferences Natural selection has caused males to send their genes into the future by mating with multiple females since males have lower costs involved. However, females select one mature and caring male because of the higher costs involved with pregnancy and nursing. hYp://www.youtube.com/watch? 41 v=4I1BnLYLog 40 Mating Preferences Males look for youthful appearing females in order to pass their genes into the future. Females, on the other, hand look for maturity, dominance, affluence and boldness in males. Data based on 37 cultures. 42 7 Critiquing the Evolutionary Perspective Evolutionary Psychologists Reply Evolutionary psychologists take a behavior and work backward to explain it in terms of natural selection. Evolutionary psychologists argue that we need to test behaviors that expound evolutionary principles. Evolutionary psychology proposes genet...
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