Separated twins personality intelligence abilities

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Unformatted text preview: ic makeup. A number of studies compared identical twins raised separately from birth, or close thereafter, and found numerous similarities. Separated Twins Personality, Intelligence Abilities, AYitudes Interests, Fears 21 Separated Twins Brain Waves, Heart Rate 22 Adoption Studies Critics of separated twin studies note that such similarities can be found between strangers. Researchers point out that differences between fraternal twins are greater than identical twins. Bob Sacha 23 Adoption studies, as opposed to twin studies, suggest that adoptees (who may be biologically unrelated) tend to be different from their adoptive parents and siblings. 24 4 Adoptive Studies Parenting Adoptive studies strongly point to the simple fact that biologically related children turn out to be different in a family. So investigators ask: Parenting does have an effect on biologically related and unrelated children, but not on everything. Do siblings have differing environmental experiences? Parenting Influences children’s AYitudes, Values Do siblings, despite sharing half of their genes, have different combinations of the other half of their genes? Manners, Beliefs Faith, Politics Ultimate question: Does parenting have an effect? 25 Temperament Studies 26 Heritability Temperament refers to a person’s stable emotional reactivity and intensity. Identical twins express similar temperaments, even when reared apart, suggesting heredity predisposes temperament. Heritability refers to the extent to which the differences among people are aYributable to genes. For Exam 2, I will ask questions up to and including this slide. The remaining slides are for your personal enjoyment. J༄ 27 Group Differences 28 Nature and Nurture If genetic influences help explain individual diversity in traits, can the same be said about group differences? Some human traits are fixed, such as having two eyes. However, m...
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