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Unformatted text preview: explanations for sex differences Reflections on Nature and Nurture –  IQ –  Personality –  Temperament 11 hYp://www.worthpublishers.com/beta/myers10e/portal/80246/Home#/launchpad/item/ ANGEL_psychportal__myers10e__master_EA6EC9DF807FA79124CAA700DFD80042? mode=Preview&includeDiscussion=False&renderFNE=True 12 2 Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity Sex Differences in Mating •  http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=4I1BtzLYLog Similarities Differences Genes: Same set of chromosomes Biology: Organs and body functions same Brain: Asymmetry of brain across genders, growth can depend on environment Behaviors: Speak language Behavior Genetics: Predicting Individual Differences Biology: May change during development Brain: Same brain architecture 13 Genes: Genetic anomalies may make us different Behavior: Speak different languages 14 Genes: Our Codes for Life Behavior Geneticists study our differences and weigh the relative effects of heredity and environment. Chromosomes containing DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) are situated in the nucleus of a cell. 15 Genes: Our Codes for Life 16 Genome Segments within DNA consist of genes that make proteins to determine our development. 17 Genome is the set of complete instructions for making an organism, containing all the genes in that organism. Thus, the human genome makes us human, and the genome for drosophila makes it a common house fly. 18 3 How Would You Determine Whether Nature or Nurture Were More Influential? •  If you could control your own experiment, what would you do to answer the ultimate questions of nature vs nurture? •  Why can’t we do these experiments? •  What do we do instead? Twin Biology Studying the effects of heredity and environment on two sets of twins, identical and fraternal, has come in handy. 19 20 Twins Separated at Birth Twins and Procedures Behavior geneticists study the effects of shared and unique environments on total or partial genet...
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