Essay 6 - Albert Ho May 14, 2004 GERST 103 Viking Madness...

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Albert Ho May 14, 2004 GERST 103 – Viking Madness Essay #6 Grindar’s Saga There was once a man named Grinnar who lived on a farm in Jokulsdal with his wife, two daughters and two sons. His wife was named Gudrun, his daughters Helga and Svanhild, and his sons Grindar and Gunnar. Grinnar was a strong and able man whose farm was one of the most productive in the region. His wife Gudrun on the other hand was the most beautiful granddaughter of Hrafnkell Frey's Godi. Between his daughters, Svanhild was the more fair and supple, but Helga was stronger and smarter, and she often helped with the duties on the farm. It came to be that his son Gunnar grew to be one of the strongest men of the East Fjords and was praised highly throughout the land for his skill with the double-edged axe. He always helped his father on the farm, which is the reason why Grinnar's farm was so productive. Despite Gunnar's fame and productivity, Grinnar always favored his other son Grindar, who was gifted with a great mind. He helped his father count his livestock each night and keep track of income, and often advised on how best to run the farm. Grinnar's farm was so productive also because of Grindar's clever advice. They were the wealthiest and happiest family of the East Fjords, and Grinnar provided his sons and daughters with whatever they wanted. Grinnar owned a great majestic stallion called Grinn that was the greatest of the horse stock in the East Fjord. It was a direct descendant of Freyfaxi and had a dark mane, but its tail was white. Often people ridiculed this inbalance of hair color and called him 1
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"white-dung." Despite its discoloration, Grinn was an exquisite stallion whose legs carried his rider faster than any horse in Iceland. Grinnar was proud of Grinn and often let his sons ride him wherever they pleased. It always gave them great pleasure to ride Grinn. One night Grinnar had a dream in which a vixen came to him. He often had dreams with the same vixen, and anything she told him in the dream would become true. That night she told Grinnar that he was spoiling his children, and that their productivity on the farm would slowly decrease to nothing if he continued to give them whatever they wanted. From then on he forbade any of his children to ride Grinn. Grindar and Gunnar were extremely disappointed by their father's new rule. They were devastated by the fact that they would never again ride Grinn and impress their peers as they had always done when riding the great stallion. However, Grindar used his wits and devised a clever plan. He told Gunnar, "Tomorrow, we will ask father for 'one last ride' on Grinn, and then fake his death. We will tell him that Grinn came across an open field and saw a beautiful mare and chased it into the Lagarfljot River where it drowned. However, to ease his suspicions, you must ride with Svanhild under the pretense that she wants also to ride Grinn one last time. We will then bring Grinn to the weapon-maker Kari, who has the power to alter the color of sword handles. There we will
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Essay 6 - Albert Ho May 14, 2004 GERST 103 Viking Madness...

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