In fact each is almost always singular but theres at

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Unformatted text preview: icial whenever each of the three major networks (E) superficial, as when the three major networks each First of all, each, if it's a pronoun (as it is in A), is singular. In fact, each is almost always singular, but there's at least one exception, which we will see in just a minute. So, A can be faulted for using a plural verb, broadcast, with a singular subject, each. What I really like about A is that it uses such as, which we use to give examples. All the other incorrect answer choices use words that mean something different from for example. The best answer, E, maintains the same meaning as A, and corrects the subject/verb agreement problem. Please note that one of the accepted meanings of as is for instance, and with this meaning, as is an adverb and can therefore be followed by -5– Powered by TestMagic www.TestMagic.com www.sentencecorrection.com parts of speech other than simply nouns. B is not only awkward, it also incorrectly uses if in the subordinate clause connected with can in the main clause. I think this is the part that is confusing people (it certainly is what has confused TestMagic students in the past), so let's flip the sentence around to see a bit more clearly that it's not correct to use if with can: If all of the three major networks broadcast the same statement, television can be superficial. This sentence should read: If all of the three major networks broadcast the same statement, television will be superficial. In other words, it's not correct to use can after if (in the context of what we've been talking about). Let's look at a simpler example: If the temperature drops below 0 degrees celsius, distilled water can or will freeze. Please post back with questions if you need clarification on this. Finally, it's better to use each than it is to use all, since each network is operating independently--all implies that the networks were working together. HTH, guys, and I'll try my best to clear up any doubts you might have! Explanation from the Official Guide, Page 730, Question 150: Correct ID...
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