None is one of the indefinite pronouns that is

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Unformatted text preview: xpresses a bald statement about what is desired. Only the latter could be continued with a clause such as but it isn't likely. ·It might have been expected, then, that the initial flurry of objections to hopefully would have subsided once the usage became well established. Instead, critics appear to have become more adamant in their opposition. In the 1969 Usage Panel survey, 44 percent of the Panel approved the usage, but this dropped to 27 - 28 – Powered by TestMagic www.TestMagic.com www.sentencecorrection.com percent in our 1986 survey. (By contrast, 60 percent in the latter survey accepted the comparable use of mercifully in the sentence Mercifully, the game ended before the opponents could add another touchdown to the lopsided score.) It is not the use of sentence adverbs per se that bothers the Panel; rather, the specific use of hopefully in this way has become a shibboleth. None is one of the indefinite pronouns that is singular or plural. There used to be a old rule that defined that none is less than zero so it inherits a singular verb. However it is used in different context many times, and I would agree with you that since 'pregnancies' is plural, it should take a plural verb, but with the choices given...D is definitely the best answer, and that is what ETS will look for. Example: In this question I think none of the answers are correct. Jojo had so little money when she was in college that she couldn't even afford to buy new clothes, much less take a vacation. ___________________________________________ (less preferred) being < since < because --> With fractions, percentages and indefinite quantifiers, the verb agrees with the preceding noun or clause. With singular or non-count nouns or clauses, use a singular verb: One third of this article is taken up with statistical analysis. All of the book seems relevant to this study. Half of what he writes is undocumented. About fifty percent of the job is routine. All the information is current. - 29 – Powered by TestMagic www.TestMagic.com www.sentencecorrection.com Wi...
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