The domesticated camel which some scholars date

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Unformatted text preview: ntinue until customers stop coming in." "as long as" implies that one thing will occur while another thing is still true; for example, "we will stay outside as long as it's light out." Quote: This was a question that was posted a little while ago. The answer was said to be D, but it seems that it should be E. The domesticated camel, which some scholars date around the twelfth century B.C., was the key to the development of the spice trade in the ancient world. a. The domesticated camel, which some scholars date b. The domesticated camel, which some scholars have thought to occur c. Domesticating the camel, dated by some scholars at d. The domestication of the camel, thought by some scholars to have occurred e. The camel's domestication, dated by some scholars to have been In D, it seems that "thought by some scholars..." modifies camel, rather than domestication Okay, I checked out the other topic, and there was no explanation of the answer. Okay, to be honest, I didn't catch the mistake in E the very first time I read the question, either. I picked D, because somehow it sounded better, but I wasn't sure why. Later, when a student asked me specifically what was wrong with E, I looked at the question a little more carefully. E has a classic mistake, albeit a well disguised one! -9– Powered by TestMagic www.TestMagic.com www.sentencecorrection.com I teach this mistake frequently in my SAT II classes for high school students. Let me show you an example of what my high school students might write: The greatest change in my life was when I immigrated to the US. Can you see the mistake in this sentence? Let me try again, with a little hint: The greatest change in my life was when I immigrated to the US. Can you see it now? Okay, just in case, let me give you one more sentence (I'm pretty much doing now what I do in class to explain this grammar point.) "Target Team Member" to TestMagician: This pen is a bargain because it's only ten cents. Hint again:...
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