Than to say lucises belief of the earth being flat

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Unformatted text preview: Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb. • credit X to Y (verb): give money or credit to. The bank credited $1 million to trebla's account. • credit for (noun): money received for or in exchange for something. The customer received a $20 credit for the interruption in service. So there are a few things you need to know here for GMAT Sentence Correction. First is this--you should know that GMAT likes to test you on "thinking words." These are words that indicate some sort of mental process, such as believe, belief, idea, theory, notion, concept, etc. Please note that both verbs and nouns can be considered "thinking words." GMAT typically likes to follow these words with that and a sentence. For example, on the GMAT it's better to say: • Lucise's belief that the Earth is flat was easily accepted. than to say: • Lucise's belief of the Earth being flat was easily accepted. It is okay to use of if we want to indicate only a noun. That's why, for example, we say theory of relativity. In this case, if we choose answer choices that use of instead of that, we seem to be talking more about theories of land mammals; we are not identifying the action of those land mammals. In other words, with the that, we are leaving out what it is that the theory purports - 26 – Powered by TestMagic www.TestMagic.com www.sentencecorrection.com the mammals did. Crises is the plural of crisis Data is plural of datum In SAE, we generally use do to replace "regular" verbs, i.e., verbs that are not linking verbs, verbs that use modals, etc. For example: Megumi speaks Japanese better than I do. But you already knew that, I'm sure. Look at the following examples for something (perhaps) new: Megumi has visited more countries than I have. We can use have again because have is an auxiliary verb here. Megumi has more skirts than I do. Here, has is NOT an auxiliary verb, and in SAE, we cannot use the verb have in the second bit. Here's what you need to know: having + past participle is u...
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