A 10 ms b 20 ms c 15 ms d 20 ms e 15 ms 4

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Unformatted text preview: 1.0 m/s b. −2.0 m/s c. +1.5 m/s d. +2.0 m/s e. −1.5 m/s 4. Riley the Astronaut weighs 60 kg. She is space walking outside the space shuttle and pushes a 350 kg satellite away from the shuttle at 0.90 m/s. What speed does this give Riley as she moves toward the shuttle? a. b. c. d. e. 11.19.2010 4.0 m/s. 5.3 m/s. 8.5 m/s. 9.0 m/s. 1.5 m/s. Physics 1A (a) Fall 2010: Quiz 4 Version A 2 5. A spring-loaded gun shoots a plastic ball with a speed of 4.0 m/s. If the spring is compressed twice as far, the ball’s speed will be: a. b. c. d. e. 8.0 m/s. 2.0 m/s. 5.7 m/s. 4.0 m/s. 16 m/s. 6. A mass m1 traveling to the right with a speed v1 makes a glancing collision with a mass m2 initially at rest. After the collision the masses have speeds v1’ and v2’ and move in directions q1 and q2, as shown below. What is the value of v2’? a. b. c. d. e. 11.19.2010 0.75 m/s. 1.20 m/s. 1.42 m/s. 2.83m/s. 5 m/s. Physics 1A (a) Fall 2010: Quiz 4 Version A 3 7. How much energy is required to move a 500 kg object from the Earth surface to an altitude three times the Earth radius...
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