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Infectio n chang es set poi nt neurons i n h yp

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Unformatted text preview: tem? Is this system highly likely to produce homeostasis of the amount of body fat? Why or why not? BIPN 106, Comparative Physiology ­ ­Problem set 1 Page 3 4. Here is a diagram illustrating an event that may have happened to you. Is it highly likely to produce homeostasis of body temperature? Why or why not? Infectio n chang es set-poi nt Neurons i n h yp othalamus + Neurons i n moto r cortex + Muscle acti vi ty (shiveri ng) + Bo dy temperatu re + Heat production 5. Compare diffusion and convection as ways of distributing materials. 6. What is a heart and what is its primary function? Can a circu...
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