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Homework 2 Solutions

Homework 2 Solutions - Homework Set 2 Solutions ECE 25 Fall...

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Homework Set 2 Solutions, ECE 25, Fall 2013 The following questions are taken from chapter 2 problems in Mano and Kime, 4th Edition. Some answers are from the website http://writphotec.com//mano4//problem solutions.html and the remainder are taken from a pdf provided to instructors by Pearson. 1. Demonstrate by means of truth tables the validity of the following identity: DeMorgan’s theorem for three variables XY Z = X + Y + Z . Solution: 2. Prove the identity of the following Boolean equation using algebraic ma- nipulation: X Y + X Y + XY = X + Y . Solution: 3. Simplify the following Boolean expression to an expression containing a minimum number of literals: A C + A B C + B C . Solution: 1
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4. Using DeMorgan’s Theorem, express the function F = A B C + A C + A B (a) with only OR and complement operations. (b) with only AND and complement operations. Solution: 5. Find the complement of the following expression: ( V W + X ) Y + Z . Solution: 6. Obtain the truth table of the following function, and express in sum-of- minterms form: ( XY + Z )( Y + XZ ).
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