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B with only and and complement operations solution 5

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Unformatted text preview: s. (b) with only AND and complement operations. Solution: 5. Find the complement of the following expression: (V W + X )Y + Z . Solution: 6. Obtain the truth table of the following function, and express in sum-ofminterms form: (XY + Z )(Y + XZ ). Solution: Let a = (XY + Z )(Y + XZ ). Then truth table sum-of-minterms form 2 7. Assume you are given the Boolean functions E (X, Y, Z ) and F (X, Y, Z ) XYZEF 00001 00110 01011 as displayed in the following truth table: 0 1 1 0 0 10011 10100 11010 11101 List the minterms of E + F and E · F . Solution: 8. Convert the folowing expression into a sum-of-poducts form: (A B + C )(B + C D). Solution: 9. Draw the logic diagram for the following Boolean expression. The diagram should correspond exactly to the equation. As...
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