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In other words write an equation with value 1 when

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Unformatted text preview: In other words, write an equation with value 1 when the inputs are any one of the six unused bit combinations in the BCD code, and value 0 otherwise. Solution: 1 3. design a circuit with a 4-bit BCD input A, B , C , D that produces an output W , X , Y , Z that is equal to the input +6 in binary. For example if the input is 9 (1001 in binary), then the output must be 9 + 6 = 15 (1001 + 0110 = 1111 in binary). The output for invalid BCD codes are don’t cares. Solution: 4. Design a circuit to implement the following pair of Boolean equations: F = A(C E + D E ) + A D F = B (C E + D E ) + B C To simplify drawing the circuit schematic, first define the circuit component W = X Z + Y Z , and implement (draw) the component with two AND gates, an OR gate, and an invert...
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