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Homework 4

For those that are valid cdfs compute a b c r c

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Unformatted text preview: of the random variable . Be very careful in specifying the values of at points where the function is discontinuous. , with probabilities # ## d t yy1 yt wuY € 11 x vt C h R WV # b# a Wc2&# #  X C ` Y X X 5 b 1111 f! C f! C f!  2! g  a q3f! f! C 2! 111 (c) Consider the random variable . What is the set of values each in this set, what is the probability that ? i# h pfa E# that takes the values with probabilities of . For r # b# a Wc2&# #  C d e3 on 3 X ©S UT¥ 5 that takes the values so that you are able to complete  f! 1 R 7Q (b) Define another r...
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  • Fall '08
  • KennethZeger
  • Probability distribution, Probability theory, probability density function, Cumulative distribution function, CDFs

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