Homework 4

That is a find the value of the constant d what is

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Unformatted text preview: •dh3 C f! H   s‰ˆ¥ ¤Q ’  ©S ”gS ed1 fx •43f! ‘“ ‘ C™S ‡ R ¢Q ˜ ˜  ©S S $ SHS —–•C ‘‘ ’ s‰ˆ¥  ”S x ! 5( d1 ‡ … eq3f! w… †Y (a) 5 4. The amount of bread (in hundreds of pounds) that a bakery sells in a day is a random variable with probability density function     ¨¦ ©§¥ ˜a ¢ a¤” S ˜ ”S ! ©S H ¢ U—£¥ S ¡ ‘ ’ ¡ !  ©S sUT¥ R ‘“ (a) Find the value of the constant . ¡ RQ ©S Uˆ¥ RQ (c) Show that the function given in [Ross, p. 132]. of ©USˆ¥ 5 (b) Compute the cdf . computed in part (b) satisfies all the four...
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