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He offers you the following deal pick a curtain and

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Unformatted text preview: bability that the two dice show the same number given that the sum of the two numbers is greater than seven? ¨ and be events. Show that  £ P5£TSD6P¦¤£Q¡P5£ I ¨ ¡ R  ¨ ¥ I ¨ ¡ £ 3. Let . When does equality hold? 4. Monty Hall, the host of the TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal”, shows you three curtains. One curtain conceals a valuable prize, while the other two conceal junk. All three curtains are equally likely to conceal the prize. He offers you the following “deal”: pick a curtain, and you can have whatever is behind it. When you pick a curtain, instead of giving you what lies behind the curtain, Monty (who knows where the prize is) opens one of the remaining curtains to show you that there is junk behind it...
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