Problem Set 1

A at least one of the events b at most one of the

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Unformatted text preview: offer? ¥ ¦§© ¡ £¡ ¥ ¨§¢ ¡ £¡ (c) none of the events occurs; occur, but not occurs; ; occurs, or if not then £ (g) either event £ and occurs; occur; (e) exactly one of the events (f) events , and the operations of occurs; ¥ ¥ ¦¤¢ ¡ £¡ (d) all three events ¥ ¦¤¢ ¡ £¡ ¥ ¦¤¢ ¡ £¡ (b) at most one of the events £¡ ¤¢ (a) at least one of the events , and ¥ 2. Express each of the following events in terms of the events complementation, union, and intersection: also does not occur. In each case draw the corresponding Venn diagr...
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