206_Prelim1 summer 2007 Key

206_Prelim1 summer 2007 Key - NAME . KEY CHEMISTRY 206...

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NAME . KEY CHEMISTRY 206 Summer 2007 Monday, July 9, 2007 8:30 a.m. -10:00 a.m. PRELIMINARY EXAM #1 Please do not open this exam booklet until you are told to do so. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Please show your work for full credit. Page# 1. (10 points) 2. 3. ____________ (15 points) 4. ____________ (10 points) 5. ____________ (15 points) 6. _____________ (15 points) 7. ____________ (25 points) TOTAL _____________ Including this cover page and the last page, which contains a periodic table and electronegativity chart, there are 9 pages in this exam.
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1. (5 points) The complete combustion of 10.0 g of the hydrocarbon (made of carbon and hydrogen only) isooctane yields 30.9 g of carbon dioxide and 14.2 g of water. Given that carbon dioxide contains 27.3% carbon and 72.7% oxygen, and that water contains 11.1 % hydrogen, calculate the percentages of carbon and hydrogen in the original hydrocarbon. 2. (5 Points) When chlorine gas is bubbled into a solution of sodium bromide, the sodium bromide reacts to give bromine, a red-brown liquid, and sodium chloride (ordinary table salt). A solution was made by dissolving 20.6 g of sodium bromide in 100.0 g of water. After passing chlorine through the solution, investigators analyzed the
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206_Prelim1 summer 2007 Key - NAME . KEY CHEMISTRY 206...

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