But is a p of 1012 small enough that we dont need to

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Unformatted text preview: ast 1000 bits long (and often bigger), such an error rate is too high. But is a p of 10−12 small enough that we don’t need to bother about doing any error correction? The answer often depends on the data rate of the channel. If the channel has a rate of 10 Gigabits/s (available today even on commodity server-class computers), then the “low” p of 10−12 means that the receiver will see one error every 10 seconds on average if the channel is continuously loaded. Unless we take some mechanisms to mitigate the situation, the applications using the channel may find this error rate (in time) too frequent. On the other hand, a p of 10−12 may be quite fine over a communication channel running at 10 Megabits/s, as long as there is some way to detect errors when they occur. It is important to note that the error rate is not a fixed property of the channel: it depends on the strength of the signal relative to the noise level (aka the “signal to noise ratio”, or SNR). Moreover, almost every communica...
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