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Avg studio budget 06-$65 mill -independent can be half or less TV ads for Super bowl -2 mill for 30 sec gender, economic, education all play in advertising choices Source of a project is material-literary material Ex: novel, short story, permission from family when it’s about a person, comic series, magazine article, play, original screenplay 1 st require underlying rights short circuit advice go straight to the original screenplay it’s more expensive when coming from another piece of literacy Screenplay (original or adapted) Traditionally the deal making experience have a buyer and seller -buyer=agent, lawyer -seller=owner of the rights -screen writer with intermediary the 2 legal people would be talking….agent and business affairs Studio level -agent for seller/director/actor/producer talks to business affairs who are lawyers -negotiation Deal making and Option Deals 1. Out right buy=expensive $85,000 2. Option deal-1 beginning and 1 at end -term out of producer’s pocket; give producer exclusive rights to the product -if producer succeeds then in the contract there is a 2 nd price for purchase -succeeded in making a deal in a financial source to make it whole -if not successful, the deal ends, the writes go back to screen writer, producer is only out of pocket the option price Key to negotiation-make sure you please both sides=successful Negotiation of screenplay -services rendered-optioning the work -duration- time of the option deal Price 1.option price-all negotiable; out of pocket; small amount; purchase price due at the end of the duration; taste creates great uncertainity 2/5/08 cable tv to brand extension-music to tour to film cross media planning idea of withholding -bring back a classic movie for a limited time only and then back in the vault per engagement average on a studio style movie in wide release needs to make at least 5,000 dollars to be taken seriously engagement=multiplex not per screen
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Financing 2 types: 1. studio (financers/distribute) a) fully finance the film they plan to distribute throughout the world 2. independent -much more challenging, entrepreneurial producer: the further along you bring a project through your own work, the more bargaining power you have throughout the picture exploitable life -completion guarantee- bond- if there’s a problem with filming it is guaranteed to finish sources: equity (cash) – pure cash from private individuals or entities; make investors whole first- along with premium; primary leverage of getting the movie made international presales - tough lumbering country by country to license your movie in other countries; territorial deal; want to make a US deal as early as possible so you have bragging rights; domestic distributor supports us and Canada and may buy other territories; may spend a small advance to help with budget tax incentives / gov’t subsidies -begun by Canada in the 1980s; rebate on taxes that can really help budgeting; ny, tx , ct, nm all have tax incentives; way to do coproductions
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CTPR - Avg studio budget 06-$65 mill -independent can be...

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