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The Church - 12/4/07 The Church's response to the Nazi's...

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12/4/07 The Church’s response to the Nazi’s and the Jewish Problem By stander vs perpetrator 1 view: Some describe the church as targets of the Nazi’s -they were victims and targets Churches activated rescue of Jews Counterargument: Indifferent by standers to Nazi anti-Jewish policy Stood silent 3 rd view: direct and indirect perpetrators of the Nazi anti-Semitic policies -some churches promoted anti-Jewish policies they provided ideological support for anti-Jewish policy in the ways the promoted and supported nazi ideology describe different sectors of national socialism all 3 existed but did not exist for every church Nazi party was both anti-Christian and pro-Christian: Anti: `Hitler didn’t want to share is power and moral authority wanted to keep other’s powers in check, both Christian and Protestant `That Christianity allowed conversion…can be seen as Jewish infiltration in the Aryan world `the church and Christianity was born out of Judaism Pro: -under stood that he had to work with them because there would be too much of a mess -the church served the purpose of national cohesion -Hitler cooped figured of Christianity to show how Nazism is with Christianity -called Jesus a “national leader who adopted a life against the Jews” -helped marginalize and undermine the Jews anyway Anti-Semitism in the Church (1920s): 1920s German churches did not view Jews as chief enemy, not central concern or the catholic church, even not on the eve of the rise to nazi party they were against; -communism (anti-religion) -secularization (move away from religion) -democracy/liberalism/parlimentarism -individualism (breaking society apart-born out of liberalism) -decline in German morality (decline of conservative values) -capitalism
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The Church - 12/4/07 The Church's response to the Nazi's...

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