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Focused to a large extent on the primary visual

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Unformatted text preview: what” and “where” pathways of the visual system –  Object Agnosia (damage to the “what” pathway) •  Blindsight 14 1/3/13 In Touch, the Brain Integrates Sensory Info from Different Regions of Body 15 1/3/13 Gate Control Theory Of Pain In Hearing, the Brain Integrates Sensory Informa4on from the Ears 16 1/3/13 In Vision, the Brain Processes Sensory Informa4on from the Eyes •  The study of percep-on has focused to a large extent on the primary visual cortex and the mul-ple areas in which the re-nal image is processed •  According to some es-mates, up to half of the cerebral cortex may par-cipate in visual percep-on What Versus Where Where What 17 1/3/13 Object Agnosia Blindsight 18 1/3/13 Factors Influencing Visual Percep4on I.  Gestalt principles of perceptual organiza-on II.  Facial percep-on III.  Depth percep-on IV.  Percep-on of mo-on V.  Perceptual constancy I. Gestalt Principles of Perceptual Organiza-on •...
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