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Trigonometry Worksheets

1 in the drawing on the right abcd is a square ap 5 cm

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Unformatted text preview: ∠ BAD = 48º Calculate (a) the area of the parallelogram (b) the length of the longer diagonal AC. In the triangle PQR, S is the foot of the perpendicular from Q to PR. QS = 7.5 cm ∠ QPR = 75º ∠ QRP = 40º Calculate (a) the length of SR (b) the length of PS (c) the length of QR (d) the perimeter of triangle PQR (e) the area of triangle PQR. P © Frank Tapson 2004 [trolPT:25] M Q S R Trigonometry T/28 Drawings on this sheet are NOT to scale. 1. The drawing on the right represents a cuboidal shape made of wire with its vertices identified as ABCDEFGH. Sizes are: AD = 15 cm AE = 10 cm CD = 25 cm Calculate (a) ∠ GDC (b) ∠ EDA E (c) ∠ EFH (d) length of face diagonal DG (e) length of face diagonal BD A (f) length of space diagonal DF (g) ∠ FDG (h) ∠ FDB F G B C H D 2. A cube has an edge-length of 10 cm. Calculate the angle between its space diagonal, and one of its face diagonals. E 3. F B C A D The drawing on the left shows a wedge ABCDEF. Faces ABCD and BEFC are both rectangles and are at right...
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