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10 one section of a mountain railway is 550 metres

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Unformatted text preview: ed in the sea at a point where it is 130 metres deep. The average angle of the anchor cable with the horizontal is 28º. What length of cable is needed? © Frank Tapson 2004 [trolPT:20] T/21 14. A house is sited just 150 metres from a straight section of road. The path to the house is straight, but is inclined at an angle of 54 degrees to the road. What is the length of the path? 15. The diagonal of an oblong is 15 cm long and makes an angle of 56º with one of its edges. Calculate the size of the oblong. 16. A vertical tent-pole is kept upright by ropes of length 4 metres tied to the top of the pole and to pegs in the ground. These ropes make an angle of 43º with the ground. What is the height of the tent-pole? 17. A telegraph-pole is supported by a stay-wire which is fastened to a point halfway up the pole. The staywire is 8 metres long and makes an angle of 56º with ground. Find the height of the pole. 18. A kite-string is 48 metres long. During one 'flight', when the wind strenghtened...
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