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12 the diagonal of an oblong makes an angle of 538

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Unformatted text preview: s 53 paces to get to the tree. He reckons each pace to be about one metre. What will he then work out the height of the tree to be? 15. The two equal angles of an isosceles triangle (which are on its base-edge) each measure 58.4º. The perpendicular height of the triangle is 16.3 cm. What is the length of its base-edge? 16. 75 metres away from a tall post, the angle of elevation of the top of the post is 21.4º (a) Find the height of the post. There is a particular mark on the post which is exactly half way up. From that same observation point (b) what is the angle of elevation of that mark? 17. An upright stick, 1 metre tall, casts a shadow which is 1.35 metres long. (a) What is the altitude of the sun? (The sun's altitude is the angle it makes with the horizontal) At the same time, the shadow of a building is found to be 47 metres long (b) What is the height of the building? 18. From the top of a cliff, 56 metres above sea-level, two buoys can be seen which lie in a straight line wit...
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