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5 metres what is the length of the diagonal strut 12

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Unformatted text preview: possible to draw them. In one case the 1st square has an edge-length of 14 cm. What is the edge-length of the 2nd square? And the 3rd? How many squares must be drawn until one has an edge less than 2 cm? By looking at the sequence of edge-lengths, can you see a simple relationship between them? If so, then use that to determine the size of the 10th square to be drawn. © Frank Tapson 2004 [trolPT:10] T/6 T/7 Trigonometry Pythagorean problems in 3-dimensions. Drawings are NOT to scale. 1. Find the length of the space-diagonal of cuboid measuring 4 metres by 5 metres by 7 metres. 2. What is the greatest length of a thin rod, which must measure an exact number of centimetres, and can fitted into a cuboidal box measuring 14 cm by 8 cm by 5 cm? E 3. The drawing on the right represents a wooden wedge. Face ABCD is in the horizontal plane, face ADEF is in the vertical plane. BCEF is the sloping face. BC is 10 cm; AB is 14 cm; AF is 4 cm. If an insect set out to walk up the sloping face, starting from C, i...
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