Trigonometry Worksheets

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Unformatted text preview: A kite-string has a total length of 75 metres. Calculate the height at which the kite must be flying when the string is fully out and is making an angle 37 degrees with the level ground. 3. The longest edge of an oblong measures 8 cm and its diagonal is 10 cm. What is the angle formed between the diagonal and the longest edge? 4. A television mast is stayed by a single wire cable which is 60 metres long. The stay is fastened to the top of the mast and to the ground. It makes an angle of 58º with ground. Find the height of the mast. 5. A slipway for a lifeboat is 50 metres long and is inclined at an angle of 35º to the horizontal.What is the height of the floor of the boathouse above the level of the sea? 6. The longest edge of a 30/60 set-square is 18 cm long. Calculate the length of its shortest edge. 7. The ribbons of a maypole are 10 metres long. During the course of a dance the dancers are moving in a circle around the pole and about 3.5 metres away from it. What then is the angle between t...
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