Trigonometry Worksheets

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Unformatted text preview: flag-pole is 12 metres tall. An observer looks up at an angle of 25 degrees to see the top of the pole. How far is the observer from the foot of the flagpole? 4. An oblong measures 15 cm by 8 cm. Find the angle between its diagonal and a longer edge. 5. A ladder leaning against a wall makes an angle of 63º with level ground. The foot of the ladder is 3 metres away from the wall. How far up the wall does the ladder reach? 6. A pylon carrying electricity cables has a height of 24 metres. Chris, who is standing some way away from it, measures the angle of elevation of the top of the pylon to be 51.4º. How far away from the pylon is he standing? 7. A telegraph-pole has a single wire stay fastened to its top. The stay is fixed in the ground 3.7 metres from the foot of the pole and makes an angle of 72.5º with the ground. How tall is the telegraph-pole? 8. A 45-metre tall television mast is kept upright by staywires which are attached to its top, and also fixed into the ground 17.5 metres away from its f...
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