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A related difficulty is whether crude truncation or

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Unformatted text preview: decimal place. A related difficulty is whether crude truncation or correct rounding is sought. Again, it is up to the teacher. Probably the single most important idea concerning calculators that all pupils should leave school with, is that there is nothing intrinsically “more accurate” in writing down every figure in a calculator display. Together with the continual thought that, just because a number appears on a calculator display it does not mean that it is necessarily correct! Third is when, in solving more complex problems, it is necessary to work in stages, using the information gained in one stage to work out something in the next stage, and so on. This notion is not difficult to grasp. What is a little more difficult to understand and handle, is the idea of “cumulative error”. Even if no mistake is made, we do introduce an error when we truncate the reading on the calculator, especially if correct rounding is not being used. This error is then carried forward and used in the next stage. The only (relatively) safe and reasonable way of dealing with this is to say that, whatever degree of accuracy we might require in our final answer, then we should carry forward at least 2 more figures...
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