Trigonometry Worksheets

An upright stick 1 metre tall casts a shadow which is

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Unformatted text preview: h the observer. The angles of depression of these buoys from the observer, are 28º and 41º respectively. Calculate the distance between the two buoys. 19. Kim sees a pylon whose angle of elevation of the top is 29º, and then walks towards it until that angle is doubled. If the height of the pylon is 27 metres, how far did Kim walk? 20. A tower is 60 metres tall. It stands between two observers, on level ground, and all three (observers and tower) are in a straight line. Each of the observers measures the angle of the elevation of the top of the tower. One sees it as 23º while the other sees it as 54º. How far are the two observers apart? 21. A man standing on the bank of a river notes a particular tree on the opposite bank. He then walks 80 metres along the river-bank in a straight line. On looking back he can see that the angle between the line of his path and a line to the tree is 36º. How wide is the river? 22. A rhombus has diagonals of lengths 6 cm and 9 cm. Calculate the siz...
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