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Trigonometry Worksheets

Calculate the size of the oblong 16 a vertical tent

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Unformatted text preview: . the angle between the kite-string and the ground was seen to double in size from 27º to 54º. What was the resulting increase in the vertical height of the kite above the ground? 19. A rhombus has edge-lengths of 7 cm. Its acute interior vertex angles are both 70º. Calculate the lengths of both of its diagonals. (The diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other and cross at right angles.) 20. A rod 1 metre long is hanging on a wall. If the bottom end of the rod is pulled out 20 centimetres from the wall, what angle will the rod make with the wall? 21. An 8 metre ladder leaning against a wall makes an angle of 63º with the ground. How far is the foot of the ladder away from the wall? 22. A parallelogram has edge-lengths of 5 cm and 9 cm respectively, and an angle of 58º between them. Calculate the perpendicular distance between the two longer edges. 23. A pair of railway-lines are 143.5 cm apart. On one particular curved section the 'banking' is formed by raising the outer rail 8 cm above the level of the inner rail. When a train is being driven around th...
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