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Finding an edge provides two cases with tans for

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Unformatted text preview: the size of an angle is the easiest. Finding an edge provides two cases. With tans, for example, finding the 'opposite' (the multiplication case) is easier than finding the 'adjacent' (the division case). Far too many just go for multiplication, whether it appropriate or not. Abstracting the necessary right-triangles from 3-dimensional situations provides difficulties for most pupils. Encourage the use of primitive constructions, like holding some pens and pencils together at the top to represent the edges of a pyramid. Have some 'wire' models available to view. Make up a big model for demonstration purposes. Eight one-metre sticks and some lumps of plasticine enable a pyramid to be assembled very quickly, and the various right-triangles can pointed out using more sticks or some string. (Don't attempt cuboids, they are not rigid enough, and provide more amusement than instruction!) A Diversion Do you use the 'meaningless' string of letters SOHCAHTOA with its attendant mnemonic Should Old Harry Catch Any Herrings Trawling Off America or...
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