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Further trigonometry deals with the general triangle

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Unformatted text preview: s. • Further Trigonometry deals with the general triangle; Sine and Cosine Rules; Heron's and the ½ absinC formulas for area; Circumscribed, Inscribed and Escribed Circles; angles greater than 90º. General Notes It is assumed that all working is done on a calculator which implies (for trigonometry) that it must be of the 'scientific' variety. Some particular thoughts to bear in mind about calculators are First, is the vexed business of how much working needs to be shown. In many elementary problems it can all be done on the calculator so that only the answer appears on the paper. There are obvious drawbacks to this - particularly in an examination - but it is difficult to define the rules as to what is a necessary minimum. Second, is that of “degree of accuracy”. A final value to 3 significant figures nearly always fits the bill, but many pupils have difficulty with this idea. It is better left to the teacher to decide. Where possible it should be 3 s.f., otherwise 1 or 2 decimal places are usually adequate, and perhaps angles could always be given to 1...
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