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It makes an angle of 58 with ground find the height

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Unformatted text preview: he ribbons and the ground? 8. Measured on a map, the distance between the tops of two hills is 570 metres. The angle of elevation from the top of the smaller of the two hills, to the the top of the taller one is 27º. The tops of these hills are to be joined by a cable on which a ski-lift will run. What length of cable will be needed? 9. An isosceles triangle has two equal edges of length 8 cm. Its two equal angles measure 15.3º. What is the length of its other edge? 10. One section of a mountain-railway is 550 metres long. In that length is rises through a vertical height of 140 metres. Calculate the overall average angle of inclination of the track. 11. A 12 metre ladder is leaning against a wall. The foot of the ladder is 3.5 metres away from the base of the wall. What is the size of the angle which ladder makes with the ground? 12. An isosceles triangle has two edges of length 11 cm and one of length 8 cm. Find the sizes of all its angles. 13. A drilling-platform for an oil-rig is moor...
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