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Unformatted text preview: angles to each other. AB = 20 cm AD = 10 cm ∠ FDC = 18º Calculate (a) the height CF (b) the length of edge DF (c) ∠ CAD (d) the length of diagonal AF (e) ∠ FAC T The drawing on the right shows a television mast OT which has 4 stay-wires fastened to its top (at T) and to the ground at points A, B, C and D. ABCD form a square and point O is its centre. C B AD = 32 metres The angle of elevation of T from A is 57º O Calculate (a) distance AO (b) height of the mast OT A D (c) length of one stay-wire (d) angle of elevation of the top of the mast from a point E which midway between C and D. 5. A right square-based pyramid has a base-edge of length 17 cm and a perpendicular height of 28 cm. Calculate (a) the length of a slant edge (b) its slant height (c) the angle between a slant edge and the base (d) the area of one triangular face sla 4. ed ge slan ight t he © Frank Tapson 2004 [trolPT:26] nt perp. height base edge ba se ed ge Trigonometry T/31 (The general angle for sines and cosines) 1 The sine curve –...
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