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Since in practice the calculator is doing all the

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Unformatted text preview: in our intermediate stages. Since, in practice, the calculator is doing all the arithmetic, it is usually quite simple to carry all possible figures forward just by leaving them on the display and working with that. However, this does demand a degree of sophistication and organisation in calculator usage that many pupoils find difficult, especially if it requires the use of the calculator memory. © Frank Tapson 2004 [trolPT:2] Notes on Trigonometry Some brief reminders. Pupils do need to be familiar with two forms of notation for triangles. • The descriptive AB, BC etc for identifying edges, and ∠ ABC for angles • The formulaic a, b, c for edges with A, B, C for angles. The first is necessary to be able to identify any triangle and its constituent parts no matter how complex the diagram, while the second enables the relevant formulas to be stated in the most economical way. When dealing only with right-angled triangles there is no need to use cosines at all. Pythagoras, tans and s...
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